Gridlock Solitaire is a patience variant that is modern in design but vintage in its conception.  You can either play or download the digital version or use the rules below to play with a physical deck of cards.



Remove the kings and jokers from a standard deck of playing cards. (These cards are not part of the game.) Thoroughly shuffle the remaining 48 cards. Deal the cards face up into a 7x7 grid leaving one space empty.


Discard all of the cards.


1. You may move a card onto a neighboring pile provided there is a another card of the same suit or rank in that direction.

2.  Only the top card of a pile counts towards whether a card may be moved.

3. You may only move a card up, down, left or right.

4. Only the top card of a pile can be moved.

5. You may only move one card at a time.

6. No card may be placed on empty spaces.

7. If a card is placed directly on top of another card of the same suit or rank, both cards must be immediately discarded.

8. Have fun!


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Download 13 MB

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Is says "Cannot read property 'getParameter' of undefined".

What build do you have: Windows, Mac or html5 (browser)? Did it just start up or were you playing for a while? And lastly, what were you doing in the game before the error message?

In browser (Chrome). Appears after loading bar.

I've tried replicating the bug in Chrome on Windows and Mac with no success. What version of Chrome do you have? If it's not up to date, try updating it. Please send your reply to with the header "Gridlock Solitaire Bug".