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Push Pin is a perfect information solitaire with the unique mechanic of discarding matching cards if they are sandwiched between other matching cards. The game is a reimagination of the game "Push Pin" found in the 1895 book "Patience: A Series of Games with Cards" by Mrs. E.D. Cheney.


Goal: Discard all cards but two

Set-Up: Thoroughly shuffle a standard deck of playing cards and lay them out in a single column. The column wraps around from bottom to top. You may alternatively lay them out like the penrose staircase

Discarding Rules: You may remove one or more adjacent cards of the same suit or rank if  and only if they are directly between two other cards of the same suit or rank.


PC: Use the mouse wheel to move the cards up or down. Left click on a card to select it.

Android: Swipe to move the cards up or down. Tap to select them.


pushpin.apk 14 MB
PushPin.exe 14 MB

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